You might be losing money!

67% of website owners don’t even know that their website has serious flaws that cause bad user experience, low Google ranking and prevent sales. :O

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Things you get in the Free SSA Report:

Is your website device-friendly?

It is important that your costumers can properly see your content on different devices and resolution. Google gives priority to mobile-friendly websites.

Have you checked this recently?

Can people share it?

If people can’t share it on social media, then you’re not getting leads any time soon

How fast does it load?

Waiting for a page to load is not fun. Don’t make customers wait because your competitor sure waits to serve them faster.

Is it even working as expected?

You paid for a website and for certain features. It looked fine when you saw the presentation. But what do your users see? Is it working?

No worries, we’ll check it for you.

Is it available offline?

Hard to imagine but sometimes there’s no wifi. 😮 What happens with your website when internet fails?

How critical is it

You’ll get a risk assessment so you could plan the schedule for fixing the issues.