Price hacks for small and medium business owners

“How much does it cost to build a website?”

It’s a common question we get.

And sometimes it’s hard to explain there is no universal answer. It depends.

This might trigger you: Why we don't care about your specifications

How much does it cost to build a house?

  • Do you want a simple square house or something modern?
  • How big is it going to be?
  • With how many rooms?
  • Would you call an architect or you have a plan?

It’s the same with websites.

  • Type of the website,
  • number of pages,
  • quality of design,
  • specific features, etc

- all of this affects the price.

Also, the price will differ if you use a website builder from when you call a web developer/designer.

meme guy with a girlfriend looking at another girl, his girl is a website builder, a girl he's looking at is a website made by developers

A website builder is a software platform that allows you to build a website without coding knowledge. You pick a theme and arrange your content into it (some paid website builders allow you to customize it at your will).

Website developers use coding languages such as HTML, Javascript, CSS and others to create a custom website. Designers care about visual appearance.

Between those options, what is the better choice for you?

a guy typing at a laptop

Pick a developer if:

  • you need an advance shop system for your products
  • you offer software where users need to log in, have a profile or work
  • you want a unique look and functionality
  • you have zero technical knowledge

Use a website builder if:

  • you have a blogging website
  • you use a website just to introduce your product/service
  • you are okay with a generic look
  • you have some technical knowledge

Of course, there are no strict rules. Web developers and designers can make a small and simple website at the normal price. Premium website builders offer you significant possibilities for your web shop or a larger site.

It all comes down to whether you have time and will to do it yourself or you're gonna pay someone to take the load off your shoulders. Also, money has a very important role.

So, let’s talk about it.

Cost of building a website with the website builder

If you are at your business beginning and your budget is thin, trying to cut the expenses is the logical thing. That’s where many owners decide to make their website alive through the website builder.

And that’s ok.

There are various website builders on the market today. They are affordable, mostly easy to comprehend and they offer good possibilities.

But not great possibilities. You have to satisfy with their prepared themes and some functionalities that sometimes don't fit for your business.

And as we mentioned a little above, they require some knowledge and a lot of time.  

The amount of money you will spare equals the time you will spend on doing everything by yourself. And possibly tons of nerves.

The actual question you have to ask yourself is: do you want to build it by yourself?

If the answer is ‘yes’, follow the steps in our previous article: How to build a business site with the website builder. It’s a life saviour.

In it, we’ve covered every aspect of building a website in a website builder so today we’re just focussing on the cost of it.

Here’s the reckon.

Cost No.1 - domain name

Usually, choosing your domain name cost from $0 to $20 a year. Some hosting providers offer the free domain name for the first year, some not.

Read more about domain names: How to choose a website domain name

Cost No.2 - hosting provider

A safe online space for your website is a necessity. Also, the hosting provider makes a website accessible to anyone who wants to visit it. The usual cost for a smaller business or blog websites is $10/mo - $30/mo.

Read more about hosting providers: How to save money by choosing the right hosting provider

Cost No3 - the website builder

When a domain name and hosting are set, you can start with your website building. Most website builders like WordPress, Wix, Weebly or Squarespace allow anyone to build and manage their own site for minimal costs.

Wide range of website templates designed and developed by field experts enable you not only good website appearance but also functionalities for $0 to $300. Depending on your needs.

Explore more about the website builder features: 10 best free and paid website builders

website builder people carrying block elements of a website

In total, you need from $10 to a maximum $350 to build your website by yourself. That includes the domain name, website hosting, free or paid theme for your website (depending on what you need) as well as free or paid plugins to keep your website functional.

For example, extra security, SEO and content options or another functionality might be time-saviour for you and worth buying them.

On the other hand, If you want to save yourself some time and stress, pay an agency or freelance website developers/designers to build you a website. They do it every day, they know everything about what you need.

And they’ll save you time for focusing on other aspects of your business.

Cost of building a website with the website builder

You maybe already tried the website builders and haven’t found the template for your taste. Or you want some extra features those website builders don’t offer. That’s when you call website developers and designers.

Let me be clear from the beginning.

Don’t give your business website in the hands of the ‘neighbour's kid’ because he’s the cheapest.

Usually, it doesn’t end well.

Building a business website is a complex job. That’s why website developers and designers cost that much.

people building a website, illustration, block website builder

As we said in the beginning, there is no universal answer how much are you going to pay. All website differs.

All website developers and designers mostly base their earning on complexity + workload + time calculation.

So we defined these price ranges based on your requirements. This is how much will you pay for website professionals:

  • BASIC: $300 to $500 (Simple look, 5–7 pages, web presence for the business or simple blog website)
  • SERIOUS: $500 to $3000 (more complex, advanced functionality such as eCommerce, security, SEO, Database Driven Site, attractive appearance)
  • HIGH END: $3000 to $5000 (very complex website with advanced functionalities, strong frontend and backend development, for example, large eCommerce
  • MASSIVE WEB-CENTRIC BUSINESS - If you want to become new Amazon, eBay or Facebook, the sky's the limit when we’re talking about the cost. Here, you’re not needing just a website, you need a complex piece of software. Companies like this have several thousand developers always working on website functionalities, design, safety, etc.

When to hire a web developer and when a web designer

web designer vs web developer comparison
source: ruskinconsulting

There is a difference between a web developer and web designer that sometimes confuse people.

A web designer creates page layouts (headings and paragraphs), styling (colours and fonts), pictures and some additional features like animations. Developers are much needed on complex websites that need online payment, advanced plugins, maintenance and change that will not disrupt the website’s features.

You’ve already met the reasons when is it ok to use a website builder and when to call a web developer/designer.

We still need to determine how to choose between a web developer and a designer.

In this interesting iconographic below answer the questions and find out who better suits your needs. It will solve all the dilemmas.

web designer or web developer criteria for choosing

Whatever is your decision, there are several things you should always require when hiring website professionals.

Always ask for this:

  • striking design as 75% users judge company credibility by its web design
  • good user experience, intuitive and relaxing
  • SSL certificate
  • safe and secured website
  • SEO possibilities
  • contact form so your customers can reach you

And most important:

  • design responsive for mobiles and other devices

In this modern world, having a website responsive to every device is simply a must. Business websites without it are just considered frivolous.

meme i love how your website is impossible to read on my phone on responsivity

Website cost depends on many factors

By now, you realized the website creation has many factors. Final cost you’ll pay always depends on the project.

This article explains how much you can expect it to cost based on your needs.

If you’re a small business owner or you have a startup and every penny counts, use the website builder. For small expenses, you can make a user-friendly website that can drive visits, phone calls and purchases.

Developers and designers can always upgrade the website when the time comes and business grows.

On the other hand, developers and designers should deal with large websites. Serious projects require serious knowledge and skills. They know how to make your website optimal, credible and safe.

If you have any doubts about does your website needs additional features or you need a brand new website, call us. Our team consist of web developers that can realize all of your needs.