Who we are?

Softerrific is a fractional MLOps team that turns your ML algorithms into PoCs, MVPs, or full-fledged products that convincingly win over investors and bring real business value…

And help you stand out in a saturated market like a unicorn at a pony show.

Our superpower is to strategically and sustainably #pythonize your AIdeas thanks to our passion for the ideation process.

Where are we?

“I’m a citizen of the world.”
We’re based in Novi Sad, Serbia, a beautiful multicultural city on the Danube, full of vibrant people and festivals (like the famous EXIT)…

But we work with the whole world, in different timezones.

Bojan Miletic, CEO & Founder.

Previously a Lead Python Developer for a company in Silicon Valley, now a business owner.

Speaker at worlds-leading Python conferences such as EuroPython, Python Ireland, PyJamas Conference, Geekle.us, PyBerlin, Conf42.

Mentor at Humble Data (PyCon Africa 2020 Conference Data Workshop and PyData Global)
Co-host at Bug Hunters Cafe podcast on software bugs and how to deal with them

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