About Softerrific

Softerrific is a software group that specializes in PHP and user interface development

Co-founders and brothers Bojan and Dejan Miletic, started Softerrific in 2017 after having each worked for various successful tech start-ups. These companies focused on building AI technologies for data generation and also explored the historical causality within social networks.

From the experience gained through these opportunities and the knowledge of different code languages already known, they set their eyes on building a software business that would be dedicated to simplifying a client’s front end user experience while tying it to an easy-to-manage back end.

Located in Novi Sad, Serbia Softerrific works with a plethora of clientele needs - from creating custom portal, administrative tools, and automatic backup recovery systems to the implementation of eCommerce websites with Shopify integration.


Meet the team

With a combined 50+ years of experience amongst team members, the Softerrfic staff is ready to take your business to the next development level! Here are some tidbits about our squad:

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